15 September 2015

New New New!!

Don't panic we are still here!! 

We're super sorry for the lack of blog posts, we've been extremely busy with trade shows, holidays and the start of the manic Christmas order period!

There is a bit of a back log of brand new and exciting Paper Salad cards that we are dying to show you!! 

So we will start with our male cards which have been added onto our existing Trio range...

Because we all know a top bloke!!

One for the extra special dads out there!

We think everyone needs to be reminded how amazing they are now and again.. So why not send them one of these bright and sparkly cards to tell them!

These cards have already started flying off our shelves and will be available to purchase on our website by the end of the week!

Keep your eyes peeled for more dazzling Paper Salad newness coming your way!

Love Paper Salad x x