13 August 2015

Did Someone Say Paper Salad Clothes?!

Yes, you read right... You can now wear Paper Salad!!

A Dutch clothing company called Mim-Pi has turned our bright colourful designs into the most gorgeous fabric for a collection of adorable children's clothes.

We are in love with everything... unfortunately for us though they don't come in adult sizes!!

Here are a handful of photo's taken from their Summer 2016 catalogue...

Our new favourite party dress... ♥

You can even get Paper Salad socks!!

We can't wait to get a few samples to see what they look like up close!

Let us know what you think...

Love Paper Salad x x


Alphabetkate said...

Lovely. Just lovely.

Kellie said...

they should definitely do that coat in adults!

Linda Roberts said...

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