13 August 2015

Did Someone Say Paper Salad Clothes?!

Yes, you read right... You can now wear Paper Salad!!

A Dutch clothing company called Mim-Pi has turned our bright colourful designs into the most gorgeous fabric for a collection of adorable children's clothes.

We are in love with everything... unfortunately for us though they don't come in adult sizes!!

Here are a handful of photo's taken from their Summer 2016 catalogue...

Our new favourite party dress... ♥

You can even get Paper Salad socks!!

We can't wait to get a few samples to see what they look like up close!

Let us know what you think...

Love Paper Salad x x

10 August 2015

Introducing Team Member Number 5 ♥

We hope you are all enjoying being introduced to team Paper Salad because you are about to meet one more! Say hello to the paint, pencil and collage Queen! 

Meet Karen, one of Paper Salad's Directors!

Here are a few fun facts to introduce you to fabulous Karen... 

Favourite smell? 

- Freshly brewed coffee

Favourite Place To Shop? 

- John Lewis and Selfridges because you can get a bit of everything!

Are you going on holiday this year? 

- Well I've been quite lucky with my holidays this year! I've been to Australia, New York, Jamaica and I'm going to Majorca next week!

What's your favourite Paper Salad Card?

- At the minute it's MH01...                                                                                                                                

If you were a pencil crayon, what colour would you be? 

- As Claire has already picked neon pink,I would have to go for neon orange!

Favourite TV programme? 

- I love all types of house/cookery programmes! Strictly Come Dancing is also a favourite!

All time favourite dessert? 

- Sticky toffee pudding with ice cream!

You might think that's all of us, but we have two more lovely ladies for you to meet next week!!

Love Paper Salad x x