23 July 2014

Lovely new cards ...

We love bright colours here at Paper Salad, but these are our brightest yet!!

Featuring neon bright colours and flitter on a lovely linen effect board. Neo pop retail at £2.75.

Background is one of our new gift wraps available from Glick!

16 July 2014

Phase 5 launch for Glick....

We visited Harrogate Home and Gift this week to see the launch of Paper Salad Launch 5 for Glick,
we have been so excited to show these new neon bright bags, wraps and tissue papers since we saw the samples a few months ago ..

3 new collections of everyday were launched, Patchwork...

Bright Floral...

...and woodland friends.

We also have a new Mothers day collection, which includes bags, flat wrap and tissue paper

Our four new flat wrap designs, featuring special neon colours and sparkly flitter!!

Also on show for the first time were our new Valentines collection featuring wrap, gift bags and tissue paper.

and finally our Christmas, which we have featured before.

The product looked fantastic alongside other lines.
Any retailers interested in stocking Glick's fantastic range they offer a Display Management system which includes a full planning, installation and merchandising service with the added benefit of seasonal replans and full SOR.

Contact Glick on 01274 655980