31 January 2012

New designs added to the Jelly Pops range

Today we have been finishing the designs we are adding to our Jelly Pops range, 

Two new First day at School cards..

A new Thank You Teacher card ..

and a new Mum to be card,
we have more designs which we will post tomorrow.

All of our new designs will be on show this Sunday at The Spring Fair, we are in Hall 4, Stand GG111, if you are visiting please pop by and say Hello!.

30 January 2012

Cheerful, fun, easter cards

We have been sending out Easter Cards since we arrived back to work after Christmas.

They really help to brighten the place up!  Spring is just around the corner.

27 January 2012

Cards spotted in Melbourne Australia ..

Anna from Rosanna Rossi took these pictures whilst she was visiting Australia late last year, and she very kindly sent them to us, so thanks Anna.
It is always nice to see where our cards end up!!

26 January 2012

Love is in the air ...

Just a small selection of our valentines cards that are in the shops now  

Only 10 more days until the start of Spring Fair, still so much to do ...

If you are visiting come and see us, we are on stand GG111.

25 January 2012

More note book designs ...

We have been asked to submit some designs for a client, hopefully they will be selected ...

We are constantly being asked if we do note books, when we started publishing greeting cards nearly seven years ago we were keen to do some but were never able to get the pricing right, we have now found a good supplier who can produce quality books at a good price, so watch this space.

24 January 2012

New designs being added to Jelly Pops range ..

We didn't get time to finish off our new occasions range before we went to Top Drawer, so this week we are designing some new cards to complete the collection ...

Top of the list is Thank you Teacher and first day at school cards ....

Just look at the state of my desk, believe it or not I tidied up yesterday morning !!

New note book designs we have been working on.

Will do another post on these when they have all been completed.

23 January 2012

New Card Range Jelly Pops ....

Our third new card range of 2012 is Jelly Pops. 

An all occasion range featuring a unique 'Jelly' style badge and a bespoke printed envelope. In a new format of 138 mmx 170 mm.

20 January 2012

Fantastic Social Stationery ....

We have lots of social stationery designs for every occasion, they are extremely popular, here are some of our favourites ...

Fairy Party Invites ...

Fairy Thank You Cards .....

Cupcakes party invites ...

there are eight cards in a pack and come supplied in a header bag, trade price is £1.50 with a RRP of £3.60, which is great value.

19 January 2012

Our New Birthday Range, great success at Top Drawer

We launched three new ranges at Top Drawer, one of them being a birthday range called Deeley Boppers!!

All are hand finished with a super sparkly heart or star with a RRP of £2.35

18 January 2012

We are back from Top Drawer, now getting ready for Spring Fair..

We arrived back late last night after a busy Top Drawer.  We were absolutely exhausted and are still gathering our thoughts.  We have a pile of orders to get through, emails to write and  brochures to send out (we underestimated how many we would need and completely ran out on the second day), 

Saturday morning en route to London.

Arriving at our stand, to our relief all of our show stuff had been delivered ahead safely.

Making a start, we gave ourselves a 3 hour timescale to finish .....

We could have sold our sweet trolley a hundred times over ..

Six hours later, we finally felt happy with how our stand looked.  We did the best we could with the space we had, a lot smaller than our usual stands.  It did get crowded at times!!

Claire takes time out to read the Paper Salad Times!!

Our new children's designs.

Rose Lane our relations range, still proving to be very popular.

Now we have to get focused, we have new designs to add to our Jelly Pops range in time for the Spring Fair which is just over two weeks away.
If you are visiting we will be on Stand GG111, come and say hi and enjoy a cake off our sweet trolley.