30 April 2012

Sherbet Lemon Children's range selling really well

I took a few pics of our new Children's range in Paperchase on Saturday, they are selling really well, with some of the designs already on re-order and they have only been in the stores a few weeks..

The picture quality isn't great, but I managed to take a couple of snaps ...

26 April 2012

Social Stationery Sale

 To make room for our new Social Stationery that we will be launching at the end of the Summer, we are having a sale on our existing designs.

The Sale price is £1.25 (trade only) for eight postcards and envelopes, so Hurry up and order some while stocks last!!

24 April 2012

Afternoon tea inspired gift wrap design..

We have finished  Phase 3 of the range we licence to Glick under the Paper Salad Brand ..

These three designs complete the total range of six new gift wraps and eight new gift bags, to be launched at Harrogate Home and Gift in July.

Can't wait to see the finished designs complete with flitter!!

18 April 2012

Brushing up on brush strokes ...

We have started the ball rolling and have are designing our new ranges to be launched at PG Live.
We have decided to update our age range, which has been hugely popular but has been around a couple of years now so needs a revamp.

We have already decided what finishes we would like to use, so we just need to find some decent images.  We always start by doodling, painting and a generally messing around until we feel we have something worth taking further.  We are also trying to get together a Spring Seasons range at the same time, here is what we have been up to so far ......

16 April 2012

New Owl Gift Wrap, but which background shall we choose??

We don't know which background to go with, Kraft paper ....

..... or blue spotty???

Sweetie wrap, blue stripe? .......

....... or Kraft Paper????

11 April 2012

Love Shopping?

We have finished the first set of gift bag and gift wrap designs ...

Gift Wrap 

Original artwork

Small gift bag, including the side gusset

Medium sized gift bag, including the side gusset

Handbag style gift bag including the side gusset ..

...and finally the large gift bag with side gusset.
Now we just have to wait to see the finished products, which will be launched on Glicks' stand at Harrogate Home and Gift in July!!!

05 April 2012

03 April 2012

Check out our great back to school range ....

Our new back to school range has been featured in Greetings Today ..

We have published Thank you Teacher cards for a while now, but this year have added some more unusual captions that are going down very well

If you would like to stock these fantastic captions, please contact us for a brochure or we could get one of our agents to call.