20 December 2011

Merry Christmas Everybody ...

We found some time last week to take a break and spend the afternoon drinking cocktails and enjoying a nice meal at Michael Caines Restaurant Abode in Manchester..

We enjoyed some lovely cocktails...

....and a trip around Manchester.  We had a lovely time and we feel,  a well deserved break!

It is now 19.50 and we are still at work desperately trying to finish off our designs so that we can send them to the printers tonight and check the proofs before everyone finishes for Christmas.

We won't be blogging now until we start back at work in January so we would both like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Karen and Claire xx

16 December 2011

News .....

Hi, another busy, busy week, still on the last minute trying to get our designs done in time for Top Drawer, we have taken delivery of one new range which we are really pleased with, and are well on the way to finishing our new children's range which is to be called 'Sherbet Lemon'.  We have to have all the designs completed by Tuesday if we stand any chance of having them printed on time.

A lot of our time recently has been taken up with an idea we had in the Summer of producing a newsletter/marketing tabloid newspaper, and we are proud to say it has now been printed and we have taken delivery of the finished article today.

It is a tongue in cheek look at the world of Paper Salad,
4,700 copies have been delivered to Progressive Greetings today, as it is going in the January Issue as an insert, targeting existing and potential customers.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Karen and Claire xx

07 December 2011

Christmas 2012 Gift Bags....

Today has been spent mocking up the Christmas designs we did a couple of weeks ago into gift bags, so that Glick can photograph them and take them to their annual sales meeting next week.

06 December 2011

Lots of new designs being created....

First of all we must apologise for not blogging for a while, but we have just been so busy this past week.  Just when we think we are getting on top of things something else comes along with a deadline as usual and everything has to be pushed back!  We are now worrying about getting all of our new designs ready in time but we will find a way of making it happen.

Last Saturday we took up our spot at the annual 'Winter Wonderland' in Marple Bridge in Cheshire.  The weather was truly awful, we had to set up in a torrential downpour, and trying to get everything put out and arranged beautifully with people sheltering under our gazebo was very challenging.

We finally got our stand sorted and everything was okay for a while, although the gazebo took a battering with the heavy rain and the sudden gusts of wind that nearly saw it taking flight on several occasions, it took three of us to hold it down.

Claire and Jess keeping warm with mulled wine and a mince pie.

Father Christmas arrived on horse and carriage.

We are doing another Christmas fair this saturday at Greave School and thank goodness it is indoors.

29 November 2011

New Designs for Christmas 2012

Just when we thought we had a free week to really crack on with our new designs in time for Top Drawer in January we have both been side tracked by other design jobs, we aren't complaining as it is good that we are busy, but we are running out of time now to get everything done in time, the weeks are flying past and we have so much to do....

We have been asked to do some Gift Bag designs to accompany the Christmas 'Santas' roll wrap designs we have just completed for Glick.  The deadline is this Thursday as they have to get them printed in time for The Spring Fair at the beginning of February. 

 Here is what we have completed so far .....

We have also been working on some lovely Wedding Stationery, we will post about this at a later date!

25 November 2011

Two New Rose Lane Relation Cards

We have always found that the relation cards that we do sell really well, our last range called Sweet Talk has sold out now, leaving us with a few gaps in the range! We have added these two new cards to our popular Rose Lane Relations range.....

There are now 22 designs in this range!
The new range, called Deeley Boppers is on its way to the printers today, we can't wait to see how they look!

23 November 2011

Working on new card designs ready for the New Year

We have been busy, busy, busy and have nearly completed one card range, when we get them back from the printers we will let you take a look!

We have now made a start with our new children's range, it is still in the very early stages where we just have a play and see what we can come up, sometimes we spend all day and come up with nothing worth taking any further and today seems one of those days ......

We will carry on tomorrow and hopefully we will come up with something we are happy with.

We have treated ourselves to brand new Macbook airs ......

so no excuses for not blogging!!!

18 November 2011

New Personalised Christmas Signs

As promised here are the new personalised christmas gift ideas that we have been working on! 

We revealed them at our open evening last night and they were an instant hit! They are unique signs and we think they are a brilliant addition to your festive decorations or a very original gift idea at a very reasonable £12.99. They can be bought here!

We also have new personalised christmas banners available, featuring santa and rudolph!

They can be purchased on Not on the High Street here!

17 November 2011

Christmas Wrap ....

We posted a few weeks ago on some designs we were working on for next Christmas which are to be launched at the Spring Fair in February..

The backgrounds are now in place and they are ready to go into production ..

We are having our Christmas shopping event in our shop tonight, so will post lots of photos tomorrow.

16 November 2011

Newly designed door plaques!

Due to the popularity of our personalised door plaques we have released more designs....

We also have more plans underway for lovely Christmas gifts. Watch this space!!
Don't forget that we are holding an open studio event tomorrow, 3pm til 8pm. Hope to see you there!

14 November 2011

Paper Salad Personalised Cards now available on Salt&Paper website

Our cards are now available to personalise and buy online via this 

Over the last few weeks we have been working with the web designers to make it possible, we provided them with a selection of alphabets for them to work with so that the cards still retain the paper salad style of font, and we are very pleased with the results.

Our personalised New Year Banner is also available to buy from  Not on the High Street

As are our very popular personalised birthday banners.