07 July 2015

Meet Team Member Number 3 ♥

It's time to say hello to the Paper Salad girl who has probably had every single hair colour there could ever be!

Meet Caz, our stock and outworker coordinator!

Here are a few fun facts to introduce you to colourful Caz... 

Favourite smell? 

- It has to be Lavender, whether it's fresh, candles or soap. It's a wonderful smell!

Favourite Place To Shop? 

- I am a firm believer in finding pre-loved treasures and love going on charity shop hunts.

Are you going on holiday this year? 

- Not this year, I'm saving up for a long holiday to Japan next year!

What's your favourite Paper Salad Card?

- I love PP13!!

If you were a pencil crayon, what colour would you be? 

- Grey

Favourite TV programme? 

- Gotta catch 'Em all... Pokémon!

All time favourite dessert? 

- Lemon Meringue pie, with extra lemon, extra meringue, extra cream and let's be honest... extra pie!

There's still three more Paper Salad girls to meet.. Stay tuned to find out who it will be next week!

Love Paper Salad x x

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