15 July 2015

Hello Team Member Number 4!

Yes, there are still more of us to say hello to!  
Meet me, the Paper Salad girl behind the blog posts!

My name is Jess, I am the new trainee designer 

Here are a few fun facts to introduce you to me... 

Favourite smell? 

- Freshly baked bread.. and cakes!

Favourite Place To Shop? 

- There are too many to choose from.. probably Selfridges though so I can shop for a lot of things under one roof!

Are you going on holiday this year? 

- Yes, Las Vegas in September!!

What's your favourite Paper Salad Card?

- It has to be DG05, the Unicorn is too cute...

If you were a pencil crayon, what colour would you be? 

- Black (depressing I know but it's my favourite colour)

Favourite TV programme? 

- Either Suits or Masterchef!

All time favourite dessert? 

- Hardest question of them all but if I had to pick it would be a warmed up waffle with caramel ice cream! 

Keep a look out next week to meet some more fabulous Paper Salad team members!

Love Paper Salad x x

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