27 May 2012

All set for PG Live

Tomorrow morning we set off to London to exhibit at PG Live at the Business Design Centre in Islington. It has been a hectic few weeks, we arrived back from New York on Thursday morning and had a day to finalise our stand, samples, brochures etc, before the couriers collected it on Friday lunchtime.  Hopefully everything will be on our stand when we arrive at midday, we have made it a simple design as the show is only two days long, so fingers crossed it will look okay?!!!
Tomorrow evening we will be meeting our Australian distributors for dinner, so really looking forward to that.

We have loads of photos to post from New York, we will start with a few of our arrival, and post the rest over the next couple of weeks.

The impressive skyline on the way in from Newark

The weather was beautiful when we arrived, this is the view from our room overlooking Times Square

First things first!!  It was over to the Blue Fin for a cocktail

The first cocktail of many was called "Stormy nights"

All the above photos are of our hotel bar and the view from the bar window.
Times Square is always full of people, at all times of the day and night.

If you are visiting PG Live on Tuesday or Wednesday, please stop by and say hello, we are showcasing our new collection!

We are on Stand 207 on the Mezzanine.

Hope to see you there!

16 May 2012

New York New York

Really sorry for the lack of posts this last couple of weeks but we have been so, so busy.  We finally managed to complete our age range, it was tricky as we were using florescent inks for the first time, so had to be careful they didn't look too garish!!  We were pleased with the results when we went to pass on press on Monday morning...

Sorry about the fashion, we had to wear these as our printers do food packaging as well so we have to cover up!!

Yesterday we had to rush over to the Hallmark offices to finalise details of the new merchandising details of the new merchandising agreements that Hallmark now have with Waitrose, then straight back to work to get our Diamond Jubilee Picnics ready that we are sending to some of our customers, consisting of lots of our licensed products and a bespoke personalised coaster! 

We are off to NYC tomorrow morning for a week so won't be blogging, we will take lots of piccies from The National Stationery show and our escapades!!!

See you next week!

09 May 2012

New Christmas Gift Bags arrived ..

Our new Christmas gift bags arrived in the post today from Glick, and they look fab! Fantastic quality and really bright.

Look out for them in the shops from September onwards....

03 May 2012

Jubilee Party Preparations ....

We have got a very busy four weeks ahead of us.  Two weeks today we fly out to New York to visit the National Stationery Show and Surtex.  We are very excited as we didn't go last year and really missed it, we love the Vibe of New York City and always come back full of inspiration.  Before that we have to finalise our new age range, which we have now decided to call 'Bright Spark', due to the fact that there will be a splash of neon included in the designs, it has been very hard to judge how they will look once they are printed as on screen you cannot see the neon colours, but we are pleased with how they look so far...

These are only printed on thin paper from our computer, but you can still get an idea of how they will look when printed.

We will arrive back from New York on the 23rd May and on the 28th May we will be travelling to London to exhibit at PG Live at the Business Design Centre in Islington, this show has been great for us the past couple of years so we are hoping that it will be just as good this year.

We have started our marketing for the show and are designing some personalised coasters to give away to some of our customers.