07 June 2012

More pics of our New York Trip ...

Claire and Warren from PG in the beautiful courtyard of Barolo's in Soho, hat provided by Jakki!!

Jakki and Ian from Progressive Greetings and The Licensing Magazine with South East Agent Rose Trow (again at Barolo's)

One of our favourite places for breakfast, Pigalle in Midtown, just off Broadway

Lovely eggs benedict mmmmmm.....

On a beautiful Sunday we decided to go on a sightseeing tour on an open top bus instead of going to the National Stationery Show. After visiting New York 13 times it was a first for us and it was great, we would highly recommend doing it, the Sunny day added to the experience.

We felt like true tourists ..

Central Park looks beautiful in the sunshine.

The Dakota Building, where John Lennon lived and died ..

We love the brownstone buildings!

Newlyweds, eating Hot Dogs.

The beautiful Guggenheim Gallery

The first part of the Bus tour was Uptown, we travelled on the West Side to the top of Central Park and into Harlem, then back along the East Side along Park Avenue.  We got off the bus at the Apple Store where we both treated ourselves to an ipad.
What a fantastic day!!

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