16 May 2012

New York New York

Really sorry for the lack of posts this last couple of weeks but we have been so, so busy.  We finally managed to complete our age range, it was tricky as we were using florescent inks for the first time, so had to be careful they didn't look too garish!!  We were pleased with the results when we went to pass on press on Monday morning...

Sorry about the fashion, we had to wear these as our printers do food packaging as well so we have to cover up!!

Yesterday we had to rush over to the Hallmark offices to finalise details of the new merchandising details of the new merchandising agreements that Hallmark now have with Waitrose, then straight back to work to get our Diamond Jubilee Picnics ready that we are sending to some of our customers, consisting of lots of our licensed products and a bespoke personalised coaster! 

We are off to NYC tomorrow morning for a week so won't be blogging, we will take lots of piccies from The National Stationery show and our escapades!!!

See you next week!

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Naomi said...

Looks great, have fun at The National Stationery. I won't be there this year but maybe next year. Hope all goes well.