21 September 2011

The Ladder Club & London 2012 Design

Next month will be our third year talking at The Ladder Club, a crash course in greeting card publishing, run by Lynn Tait, of the Lynn Tait Gallery. Held once a year to help people trying to break into the greeting card market, it is full of essential information that would otherwise take years to find out! We attended when were thinking of making the leap from designer to publisher in 2004 and it helped us enormously. We were honoured when Lynn asked us to speak as we felt we had learnt so much over the years and had lots to give back to new publishers. The only problem is that we are not natural public speakers and standing up to talk in front of a room filled with over 100 people is nerve-racking, especially as some people struggle to understand our Northern accents!

The London 2012 design is going to be used as an example to show how different print finishes like flitter and foil can effect a design. More posts on The Ladder Club to follow!!

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